iCook Range Hood

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iCook Range Hood

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. "iCook" series
2. Black fashionable appearance
3. Keep the pressure at middle position
4. The four oil circuit design
5. Yellow-green musical digital touch switch with two ranges of speed
6. One minute delay function with more convenience
7. Rotating linking piece can quickly remove oil-filter
8. Metal foil duct
9. 360-degree stereo inflow structure
10. "Non-disassembly and wash free A++" patent can separate the oil and smoke completely

Technical Specifications
Power: 220V/50Hz;
Motor power: 200W;
Maximum wind pressure: 320Pa;
Outlet size: Φ170mm;
Air flow rate: 990m3/hr;
Noise Level: 52dB;
Product size: 795mm×397mm×592mm

As a professional iCook range hood manufacturer and supplier in China, ROBAM offers a broad range of products, including deep chamber range hood, centralized main fire flame gas hob with accurate control, steam oven, and more.

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