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Centralized Mainflame Gas Hob

Centralized Mainflame Gas Hob

1. Centralized main flame and balanced burning technology ensure high burning efficiency;
2. High-quality stainless steel cooktop, three burners;
3. Cast iron pot stand;
4. Ergonomic 8° leaning forward type operation interface;
5. Copper burner;
6. Flame failure device;
7. Battery ignition;
8. 0 SEC ignition

Technical Specifications
Air in-flow: full;
Heat flow (kW):L:4.0 M:1.5 R:4.0;
Product size: 780mm×440mm×170mm;
Installation size (mm):703mm×403mm R15

As a China-based centralized mainflame gas hob manufacturer and supplier, ROBAM also offers sterilizer, range hood, electric pressure cooker, electric kettle, microwave oven, and much more.

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